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Thread: Parental lock issue

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    Parental lock issue

    Hi Guys,

    My in-laws modified TiVo has started displaying the message "Classification level is unknown. Press SELECT to override the classification limit.". Whilst this message is displayed on the screen, the video image is completely grey. Pressing the SELECT button on the remote does nothing. Power cycling the TiVo results in the same behaviour. It appears that the parental lock function has been activated (but they claim that they didn't knowingly do this). They're able to watch a kids show fine, but as soon as a show has an unknown rating or a known adult rating, then it can't be watched. Is there a way to disable or override this feature without resetting the TiVo back to factory settings? They're not aware of the 4 digit code for their TiVo and I've suggested a bunch of commonly used pins.


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    Start at 0000 and go all the way to 9999. Serious. I've never found where it is stored nor can you disable it without first having to get into them menu via the PIN to disable it.
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    With a plan you only need change one digit per try.

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    Thanks Darren and Islander. I was hoping that there might be a way to SSH into the TiVo and be able to view the contents of a config file or something that might contain the parental lock code. I presume that it's encrypted or something...


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