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Thread: Making English-MPEG1 the default audio channel

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    Making English-MPEG1 the default audio channel

    I think we need a new thread to discuss what I hope is progress towards making English-MPEG1 the default audio channel, both for freeview and recordings. This problem is mentioned in several other threads; I think it's better to have one thread, as this is clearly a serious problem with both ABC and SBS HD channels.

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    Yes please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StephenWoods View Post
    Yes please.
    Is there a answer to the audio issue? I have 2 Tivo's and can live with the missing guide channels, but the Audi thing will finish Tivo for me if we have no answer.
    Still the best hard drive for TV, shame really.

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    I'm also experiencing this problem and it keeps reverting to the wrong setting. It's OK to reset the language when watching live TV but it seems that if the setting was wrong when a program recorded there is no way to get the sound to play for that recording.

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