Hi everyone, I'm new here & also new to Tivo!
Excuse the long post below, it's a bit of a braindump after 1 week researching and owning a Tivo for only 1 week.

I'm an ex-Fetch mighty owner. The hard drive died and I wanted something cheap, and that had the option of replacing a HDD out vs having to buy a whole new unit. Fetch kind of lost me there with that last point. I don't feel like a dead HDD should equal the death of the whole Mighty. But anyway...

I recently picked up a Series 3 320gb model with a wifi module and remote for $20 secondhand. Chuffed at that deal.
Have a spare old WD 1TB Sata drive to hopefully swap in soon.

Love the Tivo menu, interface and remote. The FF seems to be on par with Fetch, and I look forward to a Oztivo mod soon, which will apparently give 30 second ad skipping.

Unsure what features do and don't work on Oztivo (suggestions recordings, favourite actor/search recordings, other Tivo features from when mothership was Tivo).

I've been digging into the forums a bit, but thought maybe some people on here might have some helpful tips and tricks, besides getting a Oztivo mod. It appears there is no real summary or overview video about Oztivo on Youtube. Maybe there is, but I couldn't really find anything.

Maybe we can all start a thread about the "best of" or still relevant Oztivo things to know about? How do you use your Tivo day to day, just curious if there's some things I'm missing out on.

So far I'm loving the Tivo interface but will hopefully be getting the unit modified in the next few weeks. Bring on that EPG goodness!

Will a Oztivo allow for the HNP and generate a MAK, to allow transferring between a computer and Tivo?
What's the best way to program a remote these days with codes? Sign up to the wiki? Use some software, or a database?

I'm running a iPod HiFi as our TV speaker system via aux/3.5mm and currently use a Bauhn Tv.
So all up there's 3 remotes in play here. Hoping to possibly get the iPod remote programmed into the Tivo remote if at all possible. It's a regular apple one from yesteryear which is white plastic with IR.

So far I've:
  • Tracked down a local friendly modder
  • Signed up to the newsletter/newsgroup (well, sent a request email at least!)
  • Have started to read about Roxio toast on the macintosh, pytivo, winmfs, and the Home Networking Package.
  • Become a bit unsure if I can actually help out with the EPG volunteering, or if I'd even be needed in 2020 to aid with "slices" (spelling?)
  • Had a quick look at the wiki and the IR section, but I'm not a wiki member yet. Unsure if that is needed or if that info is no longer 2020 relevant.

Fetch vs. Tivo
Missing the Fetch Mighty feature of "Top Shows" which had all upcoming FTA movies, but have replaced that by finding a online TV guide and filtering to just "Movies" for the next 2 weeks. Maybe there's an app out there, or a better webpage to do that in 2020? Not the end of the world.

I don't really miss the Fetch Catchup or Streaming apps, as I can just HDMI my laptop to the Tv fairly easily.

A big plus for the Tivo is it just has a fun personality to it with both UI and Sound effects. Got to love the "Bong" drum when you do something wrong or hit the end of a menu list. Long live skeuomorphism.

Please feel free to advise on any threads, software, tips and tricks.
Also, I hope this post is in the right area. Feel free to let me know if it isn't.

Happy Tivo'ing everyone!


How are you using your Oztivo in 2020, & do you have any advice or links/software to reccomend for a semi competent Tivo newbie?