Hi all,

For about the last couple of weeks l have been getting a high pitched audio squeak on both SBS and SBS Viceland channels which has made watching them just about impossible. It appears SBS have made some changes recently and they are now broadcasting contents with alternate audio tracks for hearing impaired people which l believe is causing the issue with the audio squeak. I have found a fix that will get rid of the squeak however it is not perfect as the setting you need to change does not get saved as the default after making the change. What does that mean, well a couple of button pushes and no more squeak on SBS or SBS Viceland but if you change to a different channel and then back to SBS you will need to change the Alternate Audio setting again. I am not sure if it is possible to get this change to become the default setting and would be keen to hear if anyone knows how to do that?

Below is the settings that need to be changed to fix the squeak.

Hit the info button while on SBS or SBS Viceland channels
Scroll down to the speaker icon on the right hand side of the info dialog box and hit select to access the Alternate Audio Settings
Once in the Alternate Audio Settings you need to change from Language Unknown (aus) to English-MPEG1
Squeak gone..



I hope this helps anyone that is having the same issue and if someone finds out how to make the MPEG-1 the default setting please let me know.