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Thread: Trasfering from Tivo to PC

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    Question Trasfering from Tivo to PC

    Hi There,

    I have my Tivo Desktop software and my mak codes and all that. Purchased these all when tivo was a go, but could never get them to work right. There was always no Tivo to be found on the network. I think I got it working twice.
    anyway, now with my modded tv i though id try it again. but the Tivo Desktop software wants to check the site for my user credentials which of course are no longer there.
    Is there anyway i can transfer from my tivo back to the pc now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OzDrDj View Post
    ... Is there anyway i can transfer from my tivo back to the pc now? ...

    I was using the following method in preference to TiVo Desktop long before support was dropped. It was quicker and more reliable.

    You can log in to your TiVo using a web browser (Explorer/Firefox/Safari/Chrome etc) to transfer recordings.

    1) Get your TiVo Media Access Key (MAK) number by going to TiVo Central > Messages & Settings > Account & System Information > Media Access Key.

    2) Get the current IP address of your TiVo by going to TiVo Central > Messages & Settings > Settings > Network and note the IP Address listed under "Network connection details" - OR - check your router's list of "Attached Devices".

    3) Launch a web browser and enter the TiVo address https://x.x.x.x/ where 'x.x.x.x' is the IP address of your TiVo. You will be then asked to enter a username and password. The username is tivo and the password is the MAK number. This will load the TiVo's x.x.x.x/nowplaying/index.html webpage. Note: if your browser warns that the connection is unsafe or not secure choose to proceed anyway (it is safe but the TiVo credentials are out-of-date).

    4) After loading this page you should see a list of recorded folders and/or programs currently stored on the TiVo. You can download these to your computer using the Links column on the far right-hand side of the screen. Note: choose the "Download MPEG-TS" option, the MPEG-PS formats were sometimes troublesome.
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    That's a great procedure mate thanks for sharing.

    I'll also point out to people that if your TiVo has a MAK and you haven't made a backup of the software with WInMFS then DO IT NOW.

    MAK enabled TiVo's are unique and getting hard to find. The MAK key is not transferrable nor can it be re-entered onto any generic TiVo software image. This means if your hard disk fails and you DO NOT have a backup of YOUR software then you've lost the MAK forever.

    So make those backups!
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    I used to be able to transfer TiVo items to TiVo Desktop on my PC and back again. I can no longer do it and I cannot see my MAK on the Account and System Info screen. Is it possible that I could have been able to do these transfers without a MAK? I can see my TiVo on the network but it is not accessible. My TiVo has been modified.


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