Evening OzTivoers,
Been many a years since being on this forum. The other month i unpacked a box and came across my old Tivo i had got from HN at the height of Tivo here in Australia. Im sure it still has many recording on it actually since i never wiped it just packed it away.
So i plugged it all in and fired it up and comes up withe welcome screen and please wait booting until it goes into loop of doing these 2 screens. so no idea if the hard drive has failed or is failing or this is just the normal with the service is no more and cant verify so just reboots over and over.

So now in 2019 in Brisbane im trying to decide if it is worth the while and whether its too costly to get it modded and if it is still possible and if anyone still does it around central Brisbane. Otherwise really being a paper weight it might be time to be sent off to the tivo graveyard. An look for a new PVR. Thought id pose the question though before starting to go down that path.