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Thread: Cannot transfer music from PC to TiVo

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    Cannot transfer music from PC to TiVo

    I have 2 TiVos and 2 PCs. Since the switchover to OzTivo I have been happily playing music files from my PC on both the TiVos. Tivo1 is connected via Ethernet cable and TiVo2 by wireless.

    Then suddenly about 2 weeks ago, when I try to access PC1 from either of the TiVos, I get

    " An unexpected error occurred while accessing the server Error#3-5-6"

    Then a few days ago, the same problem occurred while trying to access music on PC2, but this time the error was Error#3-43-0.

    Has anyone else experienced this and if so can it be fixed?

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    Since I did not get any replies to my original posting, I am assuming that the problem I reported is not common.

    However, for the record I am pleased to report that a few days ago, I was able to access my music on BOTH PCs from BOTH TiVos. I have no idea why this happened. It cannot be a software update on the PCs, because they are operating under 2 different versions of Windows.

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    Thanks for the update regardless. I would say that as nobody replied it is most likely a local glitch at your end of some sort.

    If that is not the case and the person is reading this please let us know. We need community involvement
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