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Thread: TivoWeb and other Goodies

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    TivoWeb and other Goodies

    With the series 1 TiVo there were a number of hacks developed to enhance the TiVo. How many of these are possible / already on the TiVoHD?
    We already have 30 second skip and endpad so I suspect others have been loaded but how can these be enabled?
    Browsing to the machines results in the generic TiVo page so presumably this will need altering to enable TiVoWeb to work.

    Info anyone.

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    I've heard snippets of info that TiVoweb has been "kind of" made to work, but not being a software person I cannot assist.

    I do hope that more people get involved in developing things. There's a lot of talent out there and I feel sometimes people are afraid to stick their hand up. To that end I will remind people that there is absolutely NO obligation to devote any more time than you can on anything you can assist with. Collectively we can all make small contributions to amount to something bigger. The first step is to say hello
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