Happy one year anniversary to the Series 3 TiVo living on in Australia and New Zealand!

Yep. October 31 2017 was the last day of Hybrid/TiVo providing an official service in Australia and New Zealand (well, OK technically the server stayed online until November 15 2017 but anyway....)

So what have we achieved in a year?

Well, EPG (Guide Data) is alive and well. Considering that it is an all-volunteer effort and yes it has some shortcomings it works. More volunteers could help here (hint!) but it does the job quite well.

Transferring of programs from TiVo to PC is there for units that have an existing MAK

TiVo to TiVo linking isn't there still, as it isn't an easy task. All ideas or anyone willing to assist filling in the missing bits is always welcome to start a discussion on OzTiVo. But all things considered most are happy without it. The main goal of EPG and clock synchronisation was achieved and that was the vital bit.

And how many TiVo's are running? Current stats are:

Australia: 873 active
New Zealand: 1012 active

And it is still on the increase! That even surpasses the old experimental Series 1 USA/UK units that OzTiVo began with back in 2002. That number at it's peak topped out at just over 1,500 ? and there's still some out there still around still chugging away too which is not included in the above tally.

On a personal note I have just ticked over the 500 mark of units I have modified, and still regularly get them and we do have volunteers over Australia and NZ who do the mods and repairs. Still not too late to resurrect any TiVo's gathering dust out there!