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Thread: Is a Manual Time Update possible for a non modded TiVo?

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    Is a Manual Time Update possible for a non modded TiVo?

    Hi all, first post!

    I have been using my 2 TiVo's since the official guide service ended via manual recordings, just for some favorite regular programs and AM/PM News, as I have yet to take the plunge to upgrade. I know, I'm a bit slow, but I am now also thinking about it.

    In the meantime the clock is now 1 hour behind since daylight saving commenced, is there anyway to adjust it as I cant see anything in the menu? Last summer it must have phoned home to ET and got the DST job done before the mothership switched off for ever...

    Thanks in advance.

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    The mothership tells each tivo a list of what days (effectively dates) DST starts and finishes for your postcode.
    If the official mothership had a list of transitions which ended in early 2018 (I don't know, it's just an educated guess) then your tivos won't do DST transitions any more unless you connect to a different dial code/mothership.

    I strongly recommend you get your TiVos upgraded. Two pieces of good news: the wait time for hardware mods will be a lot shorter now than a year ago, and with two tivos, you can upgrade them one at a time so you can keep having TiVoy goodness (if you can call a tivo with no guide data "goodness") during that time. Darren King can probably point you in the direction of someone who can do the hardware side of the upgrade for you, if you tell him where you are.


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