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Thread: Error n17 and perpetual guided setup loop - Any suggestions?

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    Error n17 and perpetual guided setup loop - Any suggestions?

    G'day all and anyone who may have an answer for n17, before I C&DE. The Tivo I have acquired is a 2008 model, but has a 1TB black caviar hdd and it has a MAK. I assume it was upsized at sometime. It seemed to work fine after I modded it. It was full of Tivo suggested recordings and quite a few season passes, which I deleted all of. Unfortunately, after a Tivo Service connection, it came up with a guide that was 2 hours in advance.(I'm in Perth). I left it on overnight, but when I came to check it the next day, it was frozen on channel 90. After I restarted it, it entered the Guided Setup...loop.... I've tried lots of ideas and read through much of the developments from last year to here, but with no solution. So, here I am, looking for an answer. I do hope someone's got something on this, as I don't want to lose another MAK.

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    Did you check the health of the hard disk? The symptoms you describe sound like software corruption and/or a less than perfect condition hard disk.

    First thing I would do is a fresh install of the TiVo software on a known good hard disk and see if the problems persist.

    Clock error corrects after a successful download and definitely after a reboot. Sometime you just need to sit and wait it out.
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