My wife likes to watch new Gardening Australia programs shown on ABC-TV Fridays starting at 7.31 pm. If I set a Season Pass to Gardening Australia TiVo records about six episodes each week because the ABC fills up its schedule with daytime repeats of this program almost every day. And, David, is there any hope of getting TiVo to distinguish repeats from first-run programs, as TiVo used to do?

If I set a weekly Manual Recording for 7.30 pm every Friday TiVo displays the program as Manual:ABC News, because according to the program guide the news is still on until 7.31 pm, and Manual Recording only allows times to be set at five-minute intervals. Is there any possibility of changing this? We already record the ABC News as Manual:ABC News, and it would be useful not to have two different programs displayed with the same name.