If you bought a TiVo from an Australian retailer from about 2007 to 2012, then you would have a series 3 TiVo, and this post does not concern those (this post is only about series 1 TiVos).

As people with Foxtel (and similar services) have probably noticed, Foxtel made a number of channel changes on 27 May 2018.
I have been working through these with help from Gavin and Kozo (in Queensland).

If you are in Queensland, you would have seen some more changes around June 11.
If you are in Victoria or NSW, you would have seen those changes around June 16.
If you are in SA, you should see them tomorrow (June 18).
According to logs on the S1 oztivo server (mothership emulator), there is no one else calling home for S1 oztivo except one oztivo in ACT with FTA (which would not be affected by Foxtel changes).

Queensland has some more changes (deleting some old channel numbers on the server side) coming tomorrow (June 18).

If you have a S1 oztivo with foxtel/cable/satellite which has called home in the last week and you haven't seen any channel changes in the last few weeks, then please let me know and/or reply here.
If you have seen channel changes in the last few weeks which don't seem like improvements, then please speak up.
You may need to disable the old channel numbers yourself. I have deleted some old channel numbers from the server, but there are more to go, and I'm not sure whether a delete on the server end translates to disabling the channel automatically for S1 oztivos.