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Thread: Modded TIVo keeps rebooting

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    Modded TIVo keeps rebooting


    I modded a tivo and was working fine

    Now keeps rebooting

    Even in standby mode

    Any ideas to fix

    Or a link to a forum to repair

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    A TiVo that is rebooting after modding is nothing to do with the PROM replacement. The most likely cause is the hard disk on the way out and the time spent powered off while modding has accentuated the problem. First step would be to restore a known good image to a known good hard disk and see if that helps. DO NOT use the image off the suspect hard disk and DO NOT use the suspect hard disk.

    Also FYI a TiVo in "Standby Mode" isn't really. The hard disk is still spinning and it is still buffering live TV and recording things. All "standby" does is cut the video signal. Unless you have a TV or AV receiver that does not like the TiVo being left on it is a waste of time.
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