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Thread: Stop button on Tivo

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    Stop button on Tivo

    What button is the Stop button on Aussie TCD Tivo 663320 remote please?

    I can do pause etc, but can't work out where the stop playing button is?

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    There is no Stop button.

    Pause is effectively the same thing (as is simply pressing the TiVo button while watching a recording).

    One of the excellent features of TiVo is that it bookmarks the last position in every viewed recording.

    If you want to bookmark the current LiveTV position you need to press Pause first (but if you delay more than 30 minutes the buffer will move beyond the paused point).

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    Thanks...I'll need to learn how to do the bookmark too...thanks for letting me know...cheers

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    Bookmarking is automatic - you don't need to do anything.

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    Thanks again

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