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Thread: Thanks to everyone for your patience and support

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    Thanks to everyone for your patience and support

    To all TiVo owners/lovers/enthusiasts (etc): A couple of months ago I made a pledge that even though I was inundated with TiVo's I promised that every single unit would be modded and returned.

    Today marked that day. I can officially announce that my backlog has cleared.

    My tally of either fully modding and rejuvenating whole TiVo's, or just doing motherboards if people sent just those, is over 350. (the total number of modded TiVo's across Australia and NZ running is just on 1,500)

    But this is not the end. I understand some have been holding off wishing to use theirs unmodded until my turnaround is more realistic. If those people still wish my assistance then I am still happy to take on yours.

    In addition as always for the last 15+ years I offer my repair assistance if required.

    To everyone out there who is either helping make this happen or just enjoying their TiVo still functioning I thank you for your support and understanding over the hectic few months since the "official" shutdown.

    Now... onwards to many more years of TiVo
    Darren King
    OzTiVo Repairs and Modifications
    If your TiVo requires repairs or modifications
    then visit:

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    (... repeating my Whirlpool post ...)

    Fantastic effort Darren.

    You currently have the first of three TiVos from me.

    I have been holding-off to give you (and your family) some space.

    Thank you for your terrific work.

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    Having now modified all three of my TiVos in a very smooth and well-conducted manner I again extend a vote of appreciation and thanks to Darren.

    All done on a magnanimous voluntary basis but, I felt, very deserving of decent contributions to help defray costs.

    'Onya Darren and 'onya to the software and EPG folks.

    On that subject, is there a way to donate? Although it's all being done voluntarily I don't want to just leech, since I cannot otherwise contribute to the effort.

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    Awesome, Darren, that you've cleared your backlog!

    Over 350 units is a huge effort! I thought I was doing well at "only" 80. Two of those were "interesting" projects where the owner had dripped molten Chipquik all over the motherboard of one causing a number of shorts, and tore off 8 PCB pads while trying to remove the PROM on the other. But we got those going too along with the 78 more mundane jobs. I'm sure you would have had a few interesting cases amongst your 350+ too.

    Enjoy the free time you will have now! And a big Thank You for the awesome support to the TiVo community!

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