I had this problem late last year and I played around with the remote and the volume came back. But today I have tried everything- resetting the remote, restarting the TiVo, changing channels, watching recordings, unplugging and replugging the HDMI at both ends. The only time I get volume is if I press the TV Input button. Then it makes the usual TiVo squawks. Otherwise- nothing. The TV is not muted and volume is at 35. The volume number changes on the remote and all else works on the remote. Just no sounds. But sound was fine last night when I turned it off. The mute button on the remote has never ever worked so I don't ever use it. The Sony TV itself has sound and the Fetch has sound. DVD's and blu-rays have sound. Just not my favourite- TiVo.

Any other ideas as to what I can try? Or maybe some component in my TiVo has died?