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Thread: ABC program start times displaying incorrectly

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    ABC program start times displaying incorrectly


    Firstly, many thanks to everyone who has made it possible for Tivo users such as myself to keep enjoying this great device.

    I have a curious problem with ABC program start times - they are displayed as starting 30 minutes earlier than the actual start time, thus a program starting at 8.00 pm is shown as starting at 7.30 pm on my Tivo. This problem does not affect other channels. Obviously this makes it impossible to schedule ABC recordings using the guide.

    A bit of history: After modifying the Tivo (with invaluable assistance from Darren), I cleared programme data and TDL. All seemed well until fairly recently when the ABC time disparity emerged. In an effort to rectify the ABC data problem I re-ran Guided Set Up based on postcode 2000 and re-booted, however the issue persists. The Tivo displays the correct system time, and connects to the mothership without incident. I have checked the ABC start time data on the guide data Wiki and everything appears to be correct for ABC NSW. So I'm scratching my head a bit here. Any suggestions to explain / rectify this problem would be much appreciated

    With thanks for your consideration of this issue.


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    That sounds like a timezone issue of some kind. Could your TiVo be picking up TV broadcasts from South Australia?
    What area/region are you in? (Presumably some part of NSW since you used postcode 2000.)
    Does this issue affect ABC Comedy, ABC Me, ABC News, or just the ABC main channel? What about SBS channels?

    If we can't figure this out (which seems likely unless you are somewhere like Broken Hill, in NSW but near SA), then it would be good if you could telnet or ssh into your tivo and run /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl | grep -A 1 ABC, which should display 2 or 4 lines of output, and then copy & paste that output here.

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    Many thanks for your reply David. I confirm that the guide data start time problem occurs on all ABC channels - no other channels are affected. To clarify, the guide data reports start times 30 mins earlier than the actual start time.

    I am based near Coffs Harbour, and originally had the Tivo set to post code 2454. After the problem described above became manifest, I changed to post code 2000 to see if this helped, but it didn't.

    I ran the command line you suggested and received the following response. I hope it assists in gaining an understanding of what is going on. I very much appreciate your help with this issue.

    S3-tivo/hack $ /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl | grep -A 1 ABC

    01/01:08:54:42: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:2, Name:ABC, TransportID:547
    01/01:08:54:42: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10002334:1d35 /Server/120868372
    01/01:08:54:42: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:20, Name:{ABC HD}, TransportID:547
    01/01:08:54:42: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10007167:36fcf6 /Server/364503524
    01/01:08:54:43: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:21, Name:ABC, TransportID:547
    01/01:08:54:43: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: NO STATION
    01/01:08:54:43: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:22, Name:ABC2/KIDS, TransportID:547
    01/01:08:54:43: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10002336:1d36 /Server/120868376
    01/01:08:54:43: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:23, Name:{ABC ME}, TransportID:547
    01/01:08:54:43: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10004827:53ec1 /Server/156323034
    01/01:08:54:43: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:24, Name:{ABC NEWS}, TransportID:547
    01/01:08:54:43: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10002335:1d34 /Server/120868370
    01/01:08:54:43: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:201, Name:{ABC Jazz}, TransportID:547
    01/01:08:54:43: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10005676:8cc7e /Server/162871115

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    I'm starting to see what's going on here.
    Those numbers you quoted (eg 120868372) all correspond to Broken Hill ABC. And so therefore the guide data you see on your TiVo shows you what is on in Broken Hill.
    The way guide data for Broken Hill is gathered changed in the last week (effective from Dec 28 guide data) which I think made it more accurate for Broken Hill. But it looks like when we did that we should have changed the time zone used for Broken Hill guide data to Broken Hill time (which is effectively the same as SA time) instead of Sydney time. I think I should fix this anyway because (if I now understand correctly) the times in Broken Hill have been out by half an hour since Dec 28. And fixing that should mostly fix your issue, except to the extent (if any) that Coffs Harbour ABC has different actual content to Broken Hill ABC (apart from the wall clock time difference).

    The other issue is why is there a mismatch between your tivo saying it gets 120868372 and oztivo mothership saying that 120868372 is for Broken Hill. I'm inclined to think that you (IanP) are right that it is in Coffs Harbour and oztivo is wrong. If you could paste the results from
    that would help me see if the non-ABC channels match what oztivo expects for Coffs Harbour. It would also be really good if we could find someone with a tivo around Broken Hill and get station_debug.tcl output from them (because as things stand now, it looks like we don't know what numbers to use for Broken Hill ABC channels).

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    I have shifted Broken Hill ABC channel showings since Dec 28 by 30 minutes, and changed the time zone for Broken Hill ABC channels to Australia/Broken_Hill so that future guide data when imported into oztivo will be treated as Broken_Hill (Adelaide) time rather than Sydney (which should stop this happening again in future). There might be some rough edges for the half hour before/after midnight. That change won't be visible on TiVos until they connect to tivo service after about 2am AEDT (Jan 2).

    Still To Do: should non-ABC channels in Broken Hill be moved too? And fix confusion in ABC tivoids between Coffs Harbour and Broken Hill.
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    Thank you David, much appreciated. Here is the output from the command line you provided:

    S3-tivo/hack $ /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl
    digging through stations, this takes a while...
    01/01:12:54:38: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:2, Name:ABC, TransportID:547
    01/01:12:54:38: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10002334:1d35 /Server/120868372
    01/01:12:54:38: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:3, Name:SBS, TransportID:848
    01/01:12:54:38: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10001433:1c96 /Server/114020352
    01/01:12:54:38: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:5, Name:{WIN Coffs }, TransportID:12955
    01/01:12:54:38: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10002471:1c90 /Server/132622311
    01/01:12:54:38: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:6, Name:PRIME7, TransportID:2469
    01/01:12:54:38: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10001583:1c39 /Server/116352150
    01/01:12:54:38: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:8, Name:NBN, TransportID:1794
    01/01:12:54:38: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10006379:c5bb7 /Server/172344710
    01/01:12:54:38: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:20, Name:{ABC HD}, TransportID:547
    01/01:12:54:38: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10007167:36fcf6 /Server/364503524
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:21, Name:ABC, TransportID:547
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: NO STATION
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:22, Name:ABC2/KIDS, TransportID:547
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10002336:1d36 /Server/120868376
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:23, Name:{ABC ME}, TransportID:547
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10004827:53ec1 /Server/156323034
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:24, Name:{ABC NEWS}, TransportID:547
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10002335:1d34 /Server/120868370
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:30, Name:{SBS HD}, TransportID:848
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10001506:1c9d /Server/114792912
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:31, Name:{SBS VICELA}, TransportID:848
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10007213:39e744 /Server/370553363
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:32, Name:{SBS VICELA}, TransportID:848
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10001495:1c9e /Server/114792913
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:33, Name:{Food Net}, TransportID:848
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10005578:2bb07c /Server/162587731
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:34, Name:NITV, TransportID:848
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10005579:102a9f /Server/162587733
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:36, Name:{SBS Arabic}, TransportID:848
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10007202:39e73a /Server/370133313
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:37, Name:{SBS Radio1}, TransportID:848
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10002994:1cf2 /Server/143361123
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:38, Name:{SBS Radio2}, TransportID:848
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10002995:1cf3 /Server/143361124
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:39, Name:{SBS Radio3}, TransportID:848
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10006694:1776da /Server/279370151
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:50, Name:{WIN TEN HD}, TransportID:12955
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10007101:349a54 /Server/361468548
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:51, Name:{ONE Coffs }, TransportID:12955
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10002703:1c22 /Server/127051877
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:52, Name:ELEVEN, TransportID:12955
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10004912:61190 /Server/157590932
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:53, Name:{WIN NETWORK}, TransportID:12955
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: NO STATION
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:54, Name:TVSN, TransportID:12955
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: NO STATION
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:55, Name:GOLD, TransportID:12955
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10007227:39e752 /Server/377427302
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:60, Name:{PRIME7 Coffs Harbour}, TransportID:2469
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: NO STATION
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:61, Name:{PRIME7 Coffs Harbour}, TransportID:2469
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: NO STATION
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:62, Name:7TWO, TransportID:2469
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10004935:61976 /Server/157634509
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:63, Name:7mate, TransportID:2469
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10006371:c5bb4 /Server/171172995
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:65, Name:ishoptv, TransportID:2469
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: NO STATION
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:66, Name:7Flix, TransportID:2469
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10007240:39e75f /Server/377512904
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:68, Name:RACING.COM, TransportID:2469
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10006804:28e595 /Server/334072734
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:80, Name:9HD, TransportID:1794
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10006479:c5bdd /Server/202225052
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:81, Name:{Nine Mid North Coast}, TransportID:1794
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: NO STATION
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:82, Name:9GEM, TransportID:1794
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10006888:2e6814 /Server/340978738
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:83, Name:{9GO! Mid North Coast}, TransportID:1794
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: NO STATION
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:84, Name:9Life, TransportID:1794
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10006717:19d258 /Server/288125293
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:85, Name:eXtra, TransportID:1794
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: NO STATION
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:88, Name:9GO!, TransportID:1794
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10006480:c5bde /Server/202225053
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:200, Name:{Double J}, TransportID:547
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10005668:8cc76 /Server/162871107
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: Channel:201, Name:{ABC Jazz}, TransportID:547
    01/01:12:54:39: /hack/bin/station_debug.tcl: /StationTms/10005676:8cc7e /Server/162871115

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    That looks like oztivo (as currently configured) would give you EPG for ABC* from Broken Hill, for SBS* from Central Coast, for Win (10, 11, 1) from Coffs Harbour, for Prime7/7flix/Racing from Gold Coast, 7mate from Lismore, 7two from Tamworth, Nine from Riverland SA, Gem/Go/SC9 from Spencer Gulf SA, 9Gem/9Life from Taree. Except that oztivo doesn't currently have channels configured for Nine/Gem/Go/SC9/9Gem/9Life in Coffs Harbour. Do you have issues with Prime7/7flix/Racing EPG times being 1 hour off?

    What a mess!

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    Thanks David. The Prime7/7flix/Racing EPG times are correct, no disparities there. I cleared my program data and TDL and the latest ABC EPG data from the mothership is correct for start times (as you predicted). A few of the ABC programs listed however do not concur with the Freeview TV listings - from my research this would appear to be irrespective of region. For example, today Jan 2nd, Oztivo lists "Tanna" (1.00 - 2.40pm), "You can't ask that" (2.40 - 3.00 pm) and "The Cook and the Chef" (3.00 - 3.30 pm). Freeview lists "The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo" (1.00 - 2.30 pm), "Home: The art of Ian Strange" (2.30 -3.00 pm) and "Short Cuts to Glory" (3.00 - 3.30 pm). Might this reflect ABC scheduling changes that occurred after the oztivo EPG info was compiled? I'm new to this so please forgive my lack of understanding of how the oztivo EPG data is compiled and how the data can be updated (perhaps by community members).

    Appreciate your investigation of the anomalies I reported and your efforts to 'fine tune' the EPG data.


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    At OzTiVo for ABC on Jan 2 (translating to Sydney/Coffs Harbour time) I see 12:59 The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2:29pm Home: The Art Of Ian Strange 3:00pm Short Cuts To Glory: Matt Okine Vs Food. For Jan 3 I see 1pm Tanna 2:41pm You Can't Ask That 2:59pm The Cook and the Chef. So that pretty much matches what you saw listed on Freeview. Maybe something got mixed up on your tivo between Jan 2 and Jan 3, hopefully just a one off thing.

    Apart from that, are you happy that you have EPG for all the channels except shopping and audio-only? And it doesn't matter that your EPG is based on different regions because the results are the same?

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    That's great David, thank you very much for solving the ABC EPG issue. Very happy with the outcome.

    Best wishes



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