Hi all.
Good to know things are all go with the TiVoHD post Hybrid.

Things have been a bit quiet on here in recent years but here's hoping it will get a busier now.

Welcome to all the new members and to those who didn't leave.

Many thanks to Darren and all the other loyal TiVoites that have kept things going for all these years.

I have PROM modded 5 machines so far and done the software upgrade on one with first time success. Fantastically easy to do unlike the early S1 days. I still have two S1s running and a few spares just in case.

In the early days it was all hail to Tridge but now the the accolades go to ??? and of course DARREN who is deserving of a knighthood (but Aussie doesn't have them anymore ).

Anyway enough of the rave. Onward and upward........