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Thread: Quick intro..

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    Cheviot, North Canterbury

    Another newbie...

    Hi there, Just thought I'd introduce myself briefly, My name's Bruce, I live in North Canterbury and I develop software for a living. I've had my Tivo up and running for about a week now it is:

    Phillips Series 1 /80GB
    Turbonet card connected to DLink wireless bridge (wireless bridge was about the same price as a wireless PC -Card for the airnet and a more flexible option I think).

    I bought the TIVO w/drive off ebay ( and the turbonet card from 9th Tee.

    I've had a lot of fun (and a wee bit of hair pulling) getting it all going, but it works great now (at least until the latest slice ) thanks entirely to Tim's Tivo pages.

    I have a Zenith Sky decoder and created an IR-Code file from my pronto remote (

    one issue I had was "stoppling" or random pausing and/or pixellation when watching recorded material, to cut a long story short after researching all the probable causes I stuck a UPS on it and it seems to be cured (AC power is pretty bad out here), I'm guessing the tiny Tivo power supply doesn't have much leeway to handle spikes/dips etc.

    Well that's it.. I look forward to seeing the Tivo "cult" develop in NZ
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    Auckland, NZ

    Gidday Bruce :)

    I'm also a newbie, I'm from Auckland and work as a Technology Mgr. I had been talking to Tim for a couple of months on and off prior to Russell Browne's Listener article and then decided to get off my butt and order my Tivo. Imported a Series 1 Philips SA from PowerOn in a no hard drive state. I've since installed an 80 Gb drive and a Cachecard (Rev 2.2).

    I only really started setting it up today at work but seem to have everything running after about 2 hours on and off.

    I'd also like to thank Tim for his excellent work on helping the newbs



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    Hi Bruce,

    Good to hear from ya, I really appreciate hearing from people who have gotten Tivo up and running. Nothing worse than being in the dark about who the 'community' really consists of

    I hope you and others can stick around and help contribute to NZ Tivo.

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    heh its funny how tivo nz is bringing in all the techie types like you guys who work in IT, likewise with myself, Jaidev, and numerous other people I have talked to. LOL fringe computing...

    certainly wont find many chics this way guys but might have some talent to draw on, answer questions, etc.

    good stuff, love it...


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    Wellington, NZ
    Time for me to introduce myself?

    *coughs and looks at shoes*

    I'm in Wellington and a technical officer. Got my TiVo on Sunday and got it all up and running in a couple of hours. It's a Phillips series 1 with a 120gb HD and turbonet card. In the middle of another re-image now, seems to have worked but I think I'm having the same problem with the slice.

    Working well with a Saturn 3300 decoder.

    Already addicted to TiVo, I can see why everyone else has too

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    Introductions huh? errrrrrrrr ok then...

    Hello my name is Jaidev (lol feels like school)
    I have been using TiVo for 3 years now...... now I'm not going to get all nostalgic and tell you all about running a TiVo with the 1.3 guide data, and stuttering PAL

    Anyway things have come a long way since.....

    I'm the person who makes the guide slices and uploads them...also I'm only human so *rarely* a bad slice may slip through.
    If you find any issues with the guide please direct all guide data issues to the NZ guide data area. Or to the NZ Tivo Mailing list.

    Since TiVo hacking is kind of an art, please read the HowTo's and the NZ newbie section (work in progress)
    Happy TiVo'ing


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    ok fine i'll do my intro too, mind u i already did a big one on my website.

    yeah basically i'm 24, studied computer science for four years at Waikato. Have always been very interested in TV recording. I have this dream for 'World TV' (which I think is a better idea than Jaidev's Internet Toilet idea but thats another story).

    Have been very interested in the whole open source ideology but have been and probably always will be a windows man tho I love the unix command line.

    I love coding but still consider myself very amateur (although I'm employed as an systems analyst/application developer). I make the grabber code for Jaidev to run. I think I've got grabbing down to a fine art tho it's not considered a particularly difficult programming task, just laborious mostly.

    Got very angry when I heard others were using Tivo in NZ and hadn't told anyone, after using it for a six months or so decided enough was enough and put up some pages to get others started.

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    Well I might as well while its still new..


    Ive just come back from London, had a Tivo the day them came out there and found it hard comming back last year to no "Tivo Service", had to stat thinking for myself again.

    Just being using it a gloryfied VCR until last week, now has new HDD's and Turbonet etc.

    Didn't reimage, kept the Uk 2.5.1 running on Thomsun Series 1, added required scripts etc, also have put location of codes for IR for STB Motorola DTH325-4 box in IR Codes thread.

    Living in Wanaka, run a computer sales/service business.


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    Thumbs up

    Howdy! fyi intro..

    I'm in Ohoka near chch and do IT/Comms project management

    I saw the tivo launch at Las Vegas CES a few years ago and have wanted one ever since so was stoked to read Tims site info!

    I have just got a series 1 with 2x120gb drives, from for US$209 ! :~)

    and even managed to get a mate to bring it back from NY in luggage! so no freight either , happy happy...

    Thanks for the help so far and I'll be nominating Tim, Jaidev & Ed etc for president /PM /ROU ...


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    Mmm, intro time I guess.

    34, living in Wellington, with wife and (rather loud) 6 year old son. New arrival to NZ, came over from San Francisco in November. Just got a job offer yesterday, which means that all I need to do now is get NZIS approval and I can stick around for a while. Background is twofold, long time mac user (worked for Apple for about 2.5 years), and for the last 4-5 years unix sysadmin. The job offer is to pimp Mac OS X at unix guys, so I guess I'm moving from the OpenBSD crowd more into the mac camp again(10.3 was the first relase I've thought was really ready for wider serverroom use). Anyway, my first Tivo came home with me on 24 Dec. 2001, a series 1 DirecTivo, and of course we couldn't live without it now. Going to a standalone is a bit of a step down, but it beats the hell out of nothing at all. I got my SA up and running here back in Dec or so, with a lot of excellent assistance from Daniel. I was rather keen to get the DTivo running, but I'm not terribly optimistic, sounds like Sky uses a few different hardware bits so it's unlikely.

    But, being a nutjob, I have other wacky ideas for the DTivo now... I understand the sat guys can pull in the DTV sat over Hawaii with a 16ft dish in Brisbane, so once I buy a house and all I figure I may look into this. Having a DTV/DirecTivo feed would seriously kick ***. Probably the most immediate project once NZIS gives me a work permit is to get a second decoder box and Tivo, and setup sanderton's excellent conflict resolution hack.

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