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Thread: Replacement TiVo remote

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    Replacement TiVo remote


    My Tivo remote is not working properly. Some of the buttons do not work, and other buttons that do work do not perform the right functions. I already tried replacing the batteries, performing a hard reset, and added a new code in the settings area.

    I'm just wondering if the Tivo Glo remotes that are being sold on ebay from the US would work on my Australian Tivo? I have the standard Tivo remote and thought if I'm buying a replacement it would be nice to try the Glo remote that is not sold in AU anymore.


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    The remotes sold in the US should work as all the TiVo as the remotes all use the same codes. I have used remotes from the UK (Tompson), US (Sony,Phillips) and NZ(TiVo HD). All work on all TiVo versions.

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