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Thread: TiVo now $299 at applience retailers

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    Talking TiVo now $299 at applience retailers

    Bond and Bond and Noel Leemings are advertising the TiVo at $299, in today's junk mail. No longer exclusive to Telecom, lets hope it really increases the uptake!

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    thanks skolink - I've ordered one online from Bond & Bond, will pick up next Thursday from the Queen St AKL store. I'm a TiVo fan from way back, had a TiVo box + DirectTV in San Francisco.

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    Noel Leemings were selling the TiVo 320 for $199.00 today

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    There are a large number of brand new Tivos going on TradeMe at the moment -- the going rate seems to be about $200, though I picked one up for $190 and there's one at onlt $50 at the moment (but bidding is not finished).
    I might get one simply for spare parts...
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