Hi, I have recently purchased a TIVO and had it for about 4 weeks. I do have to say that having used Topfield's boxes before the TIVO is the most user friendly and is a pleasure to use.

I have my TIVO connected directly to my 50 inch Full HD Panosonic Plasma via HDMI. I then have a Sony Reciever connected to the TIVO via optical Cable to run surround sound, and also a PS3 which is connected to my TV via HDMI

What I have noticed is when I am not using the reciever and just using the sound direct from my TV there is sometimes a sound lag when I change channel. So I will change channel, the picture will come on straight away and then the sound maybe 3-4 seconds later. It does not happen on all channels and does not happen all the time.

Also, for instance if I change channel and it happens, then I go to another channel and then back to channel that had the sound lag it wont happen.

Is this a normal thing and is it just sound signal trying to locate the correct format?

Please if someone could help would be much appreciated.!!!!!!!!!!!!!