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Thread: Foxtel HD STB with Series 1 Tivo

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    Foxtel HD STB with Series 1 Tivo

    Hello gents. I'd quite like to get the new HD-only channels such as 7mate.
    Presently have a satellite Foxtel SD STB and considering replacing it with an HD version.
    Appears Foxtel doesn't have any non IQ HD STBs but am hoping I can get the STB and decline the IQ function.
    Any ideas if this can be done? Foxtel are struggling to understand my questions.
    Cheers. Rob.

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    Sorry but the IQ box cannot be easily controlled by TiVo. It needs a hardware translator to make it work, check this thread.

    Otherwise you maybe better getting a new TiVoHD for FTA currently some are available for $349 for a limited time.

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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    Hi Pete. Thanks for your reply. As always, you're most helpful and it's appreciated.
    I have the additional input mod so looks like it'll be easier to buy an HD FTA STB. Will also mean I remain out of contract with F#@$tel.
    I get a kick out of not paying for an EPG (no disrespect to IceTV), which I call my hard disk fund. So I won't be going the TiVoHD route for a good long while.
    Thanks again. Rob.

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