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Thread: Killed sound on S1 Tivo

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    Killed sound on S1 Tivo

    I've busted my S1 Tivo somehow by dicking around with Telnet and Palmod_config.

    I now have no sound recorded on any channels. System sounds all good, previous recordings, all good.

    It started off when I was using Putty, and I didn't have that end of line setting - Return Key sends Telnet New Line ... and I was trying to change some settings in Palmod, noticing that no matter what I put in, it always defaulted to 0. Happened on all menus.
    Ahh, something wrong with Putty emulation.
    Disabled the New Line setting in putty.
    Went thru and changed all the settings back to what I thought they should be - picture and audio settings back to non-0 values.
    Still no Audio, even though S-Video Source Audio Input set to 40.

    Uploaded and installed a new palmod.config and palmod.o files. Still no audio.

    I think it may have something to do with the Tuner Settings perhaps ? Because I was messing in there too, even though I am not running a tuner input - only S-Video.

    Any ideas ?


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    have you rebooted since changing the values?

    What Version of palmod_config are you using?

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