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Thread: Second Tivo disappears from Now playing list / Garbled Video / Backup a TIVO

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    Second Tivo disappears from Now playing list / Garbled Video / Backup a TIVO

    I have two 160Gig TiVo’s one with 1T ESata drive. I have home networking setup with dedicated machine all on same subnet with IINET internet via NAT router.

    I have a couple of problems.

    Everything was working fine for 2-3 months but now going down hill.

    Wondering if other people have seen these issues.

    1) Caspa does not work on either TiVo you select it a blue screen comes up the white writing comes up and then back to the Tivo main menu after 2 second. Even after a reboot does not work.

    2) The tivo with the 1T Esata Drive keeps losing the other TiVo in the now playing list. but the Dedicated PC with the TiVo software on it does not disappear. Takes about 24 hrs. to disappear. reboot and all come back OK. The other tivo works fine keeping the other TiVo in the now playing list and the Dedicated PC is showing as well.

    3) Every now and then the tivo with the 1T Esata Drive drive records a corrupted show. The video is all garbled but the audio is perfect. If you go to live tv picture is perfect. The other TIVO records the show perfectly. Doing a reboot seems to fix the problem for about a week.

    I rang technical support and got a complete run around after no returned phone calls eventually got through to someone. All they could suggest is the signal strength. He could not give me a reason why this would only affect 1 TiVo and why this would effect caspa.

    In the end I was told to send back the TiVo with the Esata Drive. Just does not should like hardware fault to me.

    I then asked how I can back up the season passes. I was told because I hand the home networking package and the Plus pack I could go in there are back up the configuration. Well I cannot find this. How do you backup your tivo for warranty replacement? What issues is having the 1T drive added. I assume I need to reattach the drive before the restore??

    Any experiences would be appreciated.

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    3) I had this issue for about two weeks in February this year. It mysteriously came right and has not been seen since.

    TiVo Series3 TiVoHD x2

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    Well today I came home and the tivowith the 1T hdd was in a reboot loop. I turned off and on and it continued to reboot. Left off and unplugged for 2 hrs. Hey presto working again. What a shock Caspa was working but very slowly.
    we will see how we go...

    I got a survey from tivo asking me abount Caspa in the future.. I just asked them to fix Caspa in the present !


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    Welcome to the TiVo reboot problem, mine is now doing this for the second time.

    Last time I had to leave it unplugged for 24 hours then reboot it with no other cables connected, and it finally booted.

    TiVo Tech support is so bad it's beyond belief, I gave up on them after the last episode.

    Interestingly I actually caused the problem this time by trying to find the home networking package menu item and going into media something. I then got "Please Wait" for ever, and finally I pulled the plug. That was it, it's now buggered.

    Oh, and I'm still waiting for my home networking package that I paid for weeks ago with the last promotion.

    Someone at TiVo needs a serious wake up and start addressing the technical, support and logistical problems before the miss management kills the best PVR on the market.

    Pull you head out of your backside TiVo the problems are real and you need to fix them now.


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    After pushing tivo for a solution. they suggested setting both units to a static IP address.

    I have done this and hey presto it works.

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