I am unable to set the correct time.
When I run the command

ntpdate -b -v

I get

Our postcode is 02600. Found matching timezone Israel
Offset 0 for timezone GMT, daylight saving is 0
Connecting to time server
Setting the local time to Fri Jun 11 13:08:09 2010

the file Israel is what I want. However, the time always reverts to GMT with
no offset and no daylight (so right now I am 3 hours off, as Israel is GMT+2
plus the daylight).

I tried copying many files from the zoneinfo directories, including the GMT+3
file (I copied it over to Israel, so the file "Israel" now contains the information in the GMT+3
file. But, I always get the identical response above.

I am running image 1.6.2

I have done the settime command, and settime -rtc, but the ntpdate command reverts
the time back to GMT (and so does the daily call).

Is there a manual way to set the offset and the daylight variables?