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Thread: Missing show (House, TV3)

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    Missing show (House, TV3)


    Guide data for 'House' on TV 3 seems to be missing (8.30pm Tuesdays). I did a successful daily call about an hour ago, but House does not appear in the list of shows I can record.

    I am using Postcode 02124 (if that makes any difference).

    Is there any way I can help to get this up to date? I have checked, which has an entry for House, but can't see any way to change the dates etc.


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    It is there for me.

    Tue 2nd Feb 20:30
    An ailing patient self-diagnoses by posting his symptoms online.

    When you say "the list of shows I can record" are you referring to the TV guide that shows up when you press the live TV button? If you browse the guide to TV3 8:30pm Tuesday what does it have there? (i.e. do you have any other data for Tuesday?)

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    It's working for me now too. I should have been more patient after the update yesterday.


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