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Thread: Saving & converting TiVo files

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    Saving & converting TiVo files

    G'day all TiVo users

    First let me wish you all a Happy New Year

    I purchases a TiVoHD unit a few weeks ago in a 'birthday bundle', which included the Netgear power over ethernet adapter and WD 1TB DVR expander from Harvey Norman. Also obtained the free HNP.

    It is only the 160GB model but with the 1TB expansion drive I didn't see this as a problem and am backing up my TiVo files on my computer which will hopefully guard against the increase risk of hard drive failure / data corruption.

    The 1TB drive would not work out of the box even though the TiVo unit would recognise if it was connected or not. I took the HDD unit back to Harvey Norman who swapped it over for a new one. No problems with the new one and has been working ever since.

    Other than the the HDD problem everything appears to be working as expected and I am very happy with the TiVo system in general. (customer service is another matter)

    I have a question for other TiVo users which I am sure there is an answer to but as yet I have not found the answer in a web search.

    I am backing up my recordings on my PC, which is a ridiculously slow process but the ability to auto transfer and to cue files makes it manageable. Once I have my files (in .tivo format) I would like to strip off the 1-3 minute start ahead of time and the 5-20 minute overrun of the recording using some sort of video editor.

    Here lies my problem, the .tivo file format prevents me from doing this.
    What I need is a piece of software to convert my files to a video format that I can then edit. This will also allow the added bonus of being able to burn to DVD and watch on my laptop.

    Alternatively a video editor that will work with .tivo file format. This method will loose the ability to watch on any device but I am most concerned with being able to edit the video.

    I know I can change video formats to use on a portable device but I want to retain the original resolution and quality of the video.

    I have tried the Direct Show Dump Utility (ver 0.1.1424.0) that appears to be the common solution offered when I searched the web but the output files are corrupted when I tried this.

    Is this the best software available (or correct version) or is there another method?
    I am sure I am not the only one with this question as it would be one of the most common things to try and do once you have your .tivo files.

    Hope for some help with what is otherwise a good out of the box DVR system.


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    I believe a lot of people are using the current beta version of VideoReDo Plus v3-10-1-587.

    The current release version does not work with Australian TiVo's but the beta does.

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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    Any Video Converter works a treat once you have turned the *.tivo files into *.mpg files using Direct Show Dump Utility.

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    i use the web interface (not tivo desktop) to download the recordings to the PC.

    download the PS file not the TS. open the PS in Videoredo plus (it works with the PS files fine)
    edit to your hearts content. top - tale - remove commercials etc. then save as an MPG file.

    if your so inclined you can use autoGK to convert to i high quality Divx or Xvid file.

    too easy really.


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    Thanks Peter, I will give Videoredo plus a go.

    Jason, could you please explain the web interface and PS / TS files to us TiVo newbies


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    yep, im fairly new to all this myself.

    find the IP address of your tivo unit.
    type it into your web browsers address bar, but use this format.


    replace the X's with the IP address.
    you should be prompted for a user name and password.

    user name is Tivo
    password is your MAK.

    once you are into the tivo, you should see a list of recordings displayed.
    there will be two options for downloading these files.
    one is download MPEG-TS the other is download MPEG-PS.

    PS and TS are short for Program Stream and Transport Stream.

    i find the PS files are heaps easier to edit and work with.

    hope this info is helpful.


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    Thanks Jason

    I will give it a go and let you know what I find.

    I assume the PS and TS files are TiVo format and as you described, need converting with Videoredo plus.

    I have played with Videoredo plus after Peters suggestion and it works just how I wanted it. Thanks Peter!!

    Until next time,

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    Hmm I entered https://ip.i.p.i (letters stand for the ip numbers) then 'Tivo' then the MAK number and ... didn't work. I got the id and password dialogue box pop up again. I checked the ip and MAK. ??

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    Jason made a mistake, the username should be tivo all lowercase.

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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    can we use KMTTG?
    I saw it mentioned in a US site and curious if it works with our Tivos

    TivoHD w/1tb "update"
    TiVo SVR2000 unit w/200Gb Seagate, Turbonetcard & Dlink-810 wireless bridge, FTA Strong STB. Latest image 1.6.###

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