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Thread: NZ TiVo Experience

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    11.3a was the version I was given to try.

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    Up until I decided to set up the Home Network Package, I was quite pleased with how smooth everything was going.

    I activated it pretty much straight away and 48 hours (and many forced connections to the service) later the MAK still hasn't shown up. The support people seem to be rather clueless, I've been told that my HNP is activated and I should just keep forcing connections, while someone else told me it was inactive. :/ I've also noticed that in System Information the 'Media Device Name' section still says '<Name this Media Device on>' despite me also naming it when I activated the TiVo the day I bought it. Which means the MAK isn't the only information that isn't being sent to the TiVo.

    Has anyone had any success with the MAK being sent to the TiVo?
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    CheshireCat has HNP activated. See post #5 in this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by CheshireCat View Post
    The MAK appeared on my TiVo later last night and all transfers now work as expected, with transfers in both directions. However, I also disabled the 'Power saving' mode on my PC wireless network card which not only helped this to work but also fixed a couple of other network-server issues I had - it seems that it cannot hear broadcasts from other devices (the TiVo, and my network scanner) when the wireless net card goes into power save mode, and some permanent links (as used by the TiVo desktop software) time out. I'd suggest people check to see if their PC network card has a power save mode, and if so, disable it.
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    I know you need to go through the whole registration process at the Tivo website before the MAK is given and sent. Once you have done it correctly, you should be able to see your MAK online in the 'My Account' section of the site, after logging in here. On the Dashboard page you should have a box for the HNP and it will either show your MAK and DeskTopPlus Key, or else prompt you to register. If you can't it there then probably your registration didn't complete correctly and you should do it again?

    If you can see the MAK there then you can complete the installation and configuration of your Desktop plus software on your PC, even if the MAK has not yet reached your PC. I found that I could see the PC from the Tivo at this point, and pull down files from the PC, but could not pull file from the Tivo until the MAK appeared on the tivo later that night (forced reconnects didnt seem to help). Maybe the Tivo service is heavily overloaded with new subscribers now??

    After installing the desktop plus software, the instructions say to reboot both your PC and your Tivo. I was dubious about this but it really seemed to be necessary. Maybe try this if you haven't already.

    Finally - check that you gave the correct Tivo Service Number when you registered! If you mistyped this then it won't recognise your Tivo. Possibly this is the cause of things failing, especially since you say the name has not shown up yet either.
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    I'll add my 2 cents worth on my experiences to date...

    On visiting the stores (I went to two) I experienced a decided mix of knowledge. One store received their training 2 months prior and had no one who actually remember any of it. In the second I was handed off to the store expert who knew much of what she was talking about but still included several pieces of incorrect information - first that I could record up to 40 hours of HD and 80 hours of SD TV - infact this is 120 Hours HD and 250 Hours SD (up to...). Secondly that I could connect via another ISP and still use all the Caspa services, but I would have to pay the traffic (actually, if your ISP is not Telecom, wave goodbye to this feature).

    I must also say that the Tivo support (after sale) is extremely average.

    The first new Tivo I purchased would not boot up - sitting on a grey screen and staying there.
    A call to the 0800 MY TIVO number resulted in several hours of checking and testing with techs "going away to try something" then coming back with no help. I lost count of the number of times I was asked if I had the cables plugged in correctly - despite having advised them I could see the first boot screen before it failed.
    Tivo's replacement policy basically states you must endure this until the tech states the unit needs replacing and they will send you a new one by courier.
    Instead I told the tech that it was clearly an Out-Of-Box Failure and I would return it to the store for a replacement - which he considered a good idea, and I did this without issue.
    The second one booted no problem.
    After setting it all up and having read this post first, patience was the order of the day. After having the MAK enabled, I still had issues with Tivo Genie reporting that it could not schedule a recording because tivo did not think I had Cable Channel x... but within a day this problem vanished and all was right with the world.
    I have had occasion to email the MyTivo team with a support question, and clearly this is even less of a good idea. The question is somewhat irrelevant here, but I will copy their reply verbatim;

    Hi Neil,

    could you Please try these step for me and let me know if it wor for you or not
    please delete the auto trasfer folder that you great and use my recording folder that is all ready created by default
    What? They preceeded to copy and paste a solution to a different problem. My second attempt at the question resulted in the same copy and paste non-answer and I'm currently awaiting a thirst reply.

    The support is not great for a commercial offering.

    These failings aside, who can't love a Tivo? I've copied much of the content off the old Tivo (S1) and uploaded it to the new one with little hassle. I hope the level of support improves - I'm not sure where this is currently based, but I'm guessing by the Engrish in the email, it's an English-is-a-second-language country.


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