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Thread: Help with TIVO HD

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    Help with TIVO HD

    I am having heaps of trouble connecting to the TIVO service . I stuck on the guided setup and when it tries to connect to the tivo server status is 'cannot get account status'. I have reconfigured my routers firewall , opened ports gave it a static ip address without any luck.

    I had some problems activating the tivo, but it has been activated . I can see tivos IP address on the router . I wonder if the tivo account status need to be reset. I have a zxyel modem and my ISP is TPG

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    Usually the account status issue is caused by a problem on the server end, and not yours.

    For initial setup issues you are probably best contacting tivo support directly on and they can check their servers.

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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    Had the same problem back in January, after the Tivo had been running for four months without a hitch. The final answer from Tivo Support, after a diversion through firewall issues and open v. closed ports, was ...

    "There appears to be an error on your account, we will forward your case on to the account department right away to resolve this. We will contact you with instructions soon. Please allow 24-48 hours to process. Thank you for your patients (sic)."

    I suggest you contact Tivo Support and describe the problem in as much detail as you can. If referring to my situation helps in your dealings with them, my case reference was "[helpdesk #ABX-36651-132]".

    My own saga started when I noticed the Tivo had run out of guide data. Nothing that I was aware of had changed at the local end for months.

    The status of the last attempt to connect was "Failed. Could not get account status." I tried using the "Connect to the Tivo service now". Not surprisingly, it failed on the step "Connecting" with the message "Could not get account status".

    I tried restarting the Tivo and repeating the above but with the same result.

    I contacted Tivo support and they made the usual suggestions about firewalls, etc and directed me to their blurb on opening certain ports, none of which had been configured when I first installed the box.

    So I spent hours recabling, eliminating components, etc to no avail.

    Finally ended up with the Tivo hard wired to the ADSL modem/router with all incoming traffic forwarded to the Tivo - no change. This process had taken several days by this stage.

    I kept pointing out to Tivo Support that the connection test ("Tivo Service Connection" under Messages and Settings/Settings/Network/View Network Diagnostics) was returning "Successful" every time, while the message next to "Port Configuration Test" was "Failed' (still is as a matter of fact though everything is working fine) and every atttempt to connect returned the account status error.

    About 24 hours after Tivo Support acknowledged the error was at their end it started working again. Put the cabling, extra router and switch, etc back the way I had it originally and it still worked.
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