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Thread: IR Codes for Strong STB

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    IR Codes for Strong STB

    Hi there people, I have my TiVo hooked up to a digital STB with IR control from the TiVo My original DigiCrystal STB died and I have had to replace it. I have bought a Strong SRT 5405E. However, after installing it and ironing out a few little video interconnect dramas, I have found that the TiVo IR signal has no impact on the Strong STB remote control receiver. Can some kind and knowledgeable person please help out with advice as to how I can resolve this?

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    Steve H

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    Have you tried all of the available strong IR codes?

    Strong SRT 4652 30112 Satellite PetesTrash Sun Feb 11 09:35:11 2007
    Strong SRT-5022 30115 Digital RobertHaylock Tue Oct 2 22:43:45 2007
    Strong SRT-5066 30130 Digital PetesTrash Tue Jul 1 03:40:35 2008
    Strong SRT-5066 30129 Digital PetesTrash Wed Jun 21 16:00:48 2006
    Strong SRT5000 30069 Digital MobyR Thu Mar 24 08:39:46 2005
    Strong SRT5200 30039 Digital TomHoey Tue Jun 8 15:33:09 2004
    Strong SRT5300 30026 Digital WarrenToomey Mon Jun 7 2004

    None of the codes we have mention you specific model number.

    If the loaded codes do not work, you should capturing the codes yourself.

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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    Hi - has anyone successfully setup a Strong SRT 4300 STB with a Tivo and if so what IR codes did you use, or could you provide them?

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