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Thread: Another TiVo Desktop Problem!

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    Another TiVo Desktop Problem!

    I purchased the HNP the other day and after a bit of fiddling it all seemed to work, I could ping the TiVo, access it from the web browser. However I left my computer for 30 minutes I come back and I can't access my TiVo from TiVo desktop, I can't ping it or access it from the web browser.

    The TiVo is using the wireless adapter and it's signal is usually at 10-30% I'm thinking that maybe it is dropping out? It feels though it drops out after X minutes of no activity. The only way I can fix it is to disconnect and re-connect the wireless adapter...

    Any suggestions as this really is an annoying problem?



    So I just pinged the TiVo again and it replied back with the packets.. strange.
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    As suggested elsewhere, have you tried temporarily using a wired connection to see if that isolates the problem to the wireless connection?

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