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Thread: Another for sale $1 reserve post - SVR-2000

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    Another for sale $1 reserve post - SVR-2000

    Yet another tivo for sale on trademe $1 reserve post.

    This is a Sony SVR-2000

    Notable features

    80GB HDD Freshly imaged.
    Cachecard with 512MB Ram
    Network socket on rear of tivo
    Pal tuner installed
    Real Sony remote
    NICAM stereo from Pal tuner
    Modem in tivo good (not that it is likely to be used)

    Perhaps the most "loaded" tivo sold on trademe lately (Apart from hdd size).

    listed here

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    what is it with all these south of north islanders selling off their Tivos? Beginning to think the Tivo population was unevenly dispersed around NZ...

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    Anyone want another TiVo?

    I have a Series 1 Philips that I haven't used for months so may as well sell it off. (I'm in the upper Nth Island though to go against your trend )

    Any offers?
    Series 1 Philips HDR312
    Version 1.6.2 Emulator Image
    200Gb Western Digital HDD
    Slices: Sky Digital

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