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Thread: Schedule for TV1

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    Schedule for TV1

    The schedule available for TV1 has large gaps in each days listing - tis appears to be programmes due to be broadcast from about noon each day until about 8pm-ish.
    As a consequence, several of my favourites (eg 6 News) were not recorded tonight, nor will they be recorded until further notice according to the listing available until next week.

    HELP! Can the good folk who look after these details please check to see what has gone wrong with the data download.
    All the other channels I use appear to be ok - this issue only appears to affect TV1

    Thanks in advance - and for all the good work which makes tivo the powerful tool it is!

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    Schedule for TV1

    I've noticed the same thing too. In looking at next week's guide it seems to get even worse. e.g.on Tuesday there are seven incarnations of One News at 6pm.
    Something must be amiss as even TVNZ under the charter wouldn't dare do that to us! (would they?)

    Any ideas, please?

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    I seem to be having this problem too.

    Has anybody got any ideas?

    Does anybody know if it's widespread?

    What I did notice is that my daily updates were not working for the last week - and I got it to work last night, after dicking around for hours on it.

    I have just kicked of another daily call to hopefully see if that "fixes" things

    When I looked at things a bit more this morning - it seems to have got TV1 mixed up with channel 22 - Sky Movie "greats"

    Does anybody have any suggestions for how to fix this?
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    I lost my first scheduled recording yesterday.

    Ah well, another chance for the VCR! Not in the same league as Tivo though.

    And, like GeoffT, I have daily scheduled season passes.

    I may have caused this problem, because only last week, I was marveling at how reliable the Tivo has been since we got it going.

    If there's anything I can do, please advise.

    And, in the words of Joni Mitchell:

    Don't it always seem to go
    That you don't know what you've got
    Till it's gone
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    Yup all three of my TiVos are missing TV1 guide data
    Seems to be a gap up to next Thursday?
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    Quote Originally Posted by finethen View Post
    Yup all three of my TiVos are missing TV1 guide data
    Seems to be a gap up to next Thursday?
    I've just made a Daily Call and have program data to Friday but still nothing for TV1 in the middle of the day to middle of the evening.

    I was just thinking. Someone asked recently on here how many NZ Tivo users there were. Well, we've found four! Or at least four that record TV1.

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    I have seen this to. Just tried re running guided setup after deleting program data, no change :-(.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fraser View Post
    I have seen this to. Just tried re running guided setup after deleting program data, no change :-(.
    I think that's pretty extreme.

    If a few of you are missing guide data for one channel or parts there of, then chances are there is no guide data loaded on the emulator.

    I'll let DJC know in case he is unaware. But chances are he just doesn't have the data.

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    Thanks for that, Peter.

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    Looks like theirs some bad data in the slice..

    Jul 14 19:23:46 (none) db[167]: Loader Processing ProcessUnpacker(/var/packages/NZ02113_14076-14089.slice.gz)
    Jul 14 19:23:51 (none) WatchdogAction[165]: WatchdogAction::Trigger: callActive for 1800 interval-secs
    Jul 14 19:23:53 (none) db[167]: loadgeneric nProcessed=1 (ty=4 subty=0 svrid=200102435 vers=1): nNotLoaded=1 nSnow=0 nComplete=0 nIncomplete=0 nerr=0
    Jul 14 19:23:54 (none) db[167]: loadgeneric nProcessed=10 (ty=6 subty=7 svrid=600153356 vers=82): nNotLoaded=8 nSnow=0 nComplete=2 nIncomplete=0 nerr=0
    Jul 14 19:23:57 (none) db[167]: loadgeneric nProcessed=100 (ty=4 subty=0 svrid=200101599 vers=4): nNotLoaded=87 nSnow=0 nComplete=13 nIncomplete=0 nerr=0
    Jul 14 19:24:25 (none) db[167]: loadgeneric nProcessed=1000 (ty=4 subty=0 svrid=200075502 vers=1645): nNotLoaded=831 nSnow=0 nComplete=169 nIncomplete=0 nerr=0
    Jul 14 19:26:11 (none) db[167]: loadgeneric Err(1 nPro=4763 id=600154739 ty=6 subty=0 subid=10)=errTmBackgroundHoldoff:MainObj err
    Jul 14 19:26:11 (none) db[167]: Loader Err(1 actn=20402/20402 bat=115 btrans=115 badbat=0)=errTmBackgroundHoldoff:GenericBatch(0,10 00000000):Trans:BeginMainObj:GetObjStatus(60015473 9):GetObjStatus(600154739)penObj
    Jul 14 19:26:27 (none) db[167]: loadgeneric nProcessed=5000 (ty=4 subty=0 svrid=200099781 vers=3): nNotLoaded=4694 nSnow=0 nComplete=304 nIncomplete=0 nerr=2
    Jul 14 19:29:25 (none) db[167]: loadgeneric nProcessed=10000 (ty=4 subty=0 svrid=200101922 vers=13): nNotLoaded=9580 nSnow=0 nComplete=413 nIncomplete=0 nerr=7
    Jul 14 19:31:35 (none) db[167]: loadgeneric nProcessed=15000 (ty=3 subty=0 svrid=302554332 vers=1): nNotLoaded=14361 nSnow=0 nComplete=630 nIncomplete=0 nerr=9
    Jul 14 19:32:55 (none) db[167]: loadgeneric Err(10 nPro=17982 id=200071336 ty=4 subty=0 subid=10)=errTmBackgroundHoldoff:MainObj err
    Jul 14 19:32:55 (none) db[167]: Loader Err(10 actn=74588/74588 bat=430 btrans=435 badbat=0)=errTmBackgroundHoldoff:ProcessSmallGp(0 of 17972):Trans:BeginMainObj:GetObjStatus(200071336): GetObjStatus(200071336)penObj
    Jul 14 19:39:10 (none) WatchdogAction[165]: WatchdogAction::Trigger: callActive for 2700 interval-secs
    Jul 14 19:42:06 (none) db[167]: loadgeneric Err(100 nPro=18118 id=200071336 ty=4 subty=0 subid=10)=errTmBackgroundHoldoff:MainObj err
    Jul 14 19:42:06 (none) db[167]: Loader Err(100 actn=74924/74924 bat=432 btrans=454 badbat=0)=errTmBackgroundHoldoff:ProcessSmallGp(0 of 18018):Trans:BeginMainObj:GetObjStatus(200071336): GetObjStatus(200071336)penObj
    Jul 14 19:54:20 (none) WatchdogAction[165]: WatchdogAction::Trigger: callActive for 3600 interval-secs
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