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Thread: Recommendation for STB

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    Recommendation for STB

    Thinking of trying digital TV and I am looking for a recommendation for a standard definition STB

    Reasonably sensitive receiver, reliability and reasonable price (say under $200) are important to me.
    If you drop below $100 what do you get ?
    Brand and appearance not important except as they affect above

    Preferably models that are still available new
    Yes, I have looked at the Wiki, hence my reference to current models.
    TiVo HD with dual HD tuners and now 1 TB disk upgrade

    Free to a good home;
    Sony SVR-2000 series 1 TiVo with Seagate 320GB disk, TurboNZet card, internal PAL Tuner, stereo sound and second A/V input

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    The Kross brand from Woolworths & Aldi are ok, The MTV brand from Coles is ok, and the Bush brand from DSE also work.

    All are current and have codes.

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