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Thread: What will happen to us when the "New" Tivo in Introduced?

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    What will happen to us when the "New" Tivo in Introduced?

    What will happen to us when the "New" Tivo in Introduced? Next year Seven will be introduce Tivo to Australia. How will it affect us?

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    In short: Who knows. Nobody from Seven/Engin/TiVo have approached anyone from OzTiVo for a chat.

    However after yesterday's win for IceTV in the Channel Nine vs IceTV court ruling on 3rd party EPG data, coupled with the fact that Series 1 TiVo is not going to be used on the Seven/Engin/TiVo deal I would say it is very likely to be "business as usual" for us Series 1 experimenter's.

    However I would not use the phrase "will be introduced next year". Apart from the few press releases there is no firm guarantee from Seven/Engin/TiVo of an Australian service yet. All we have is a few chief executives bandied around the word "TiVo" in press conferences and last week we find that Channel Ten are reluctant at participating in any alliance for EPG data so it is still very much a vapourware product at this time.
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    I agree with Darren, and don't believe there will be any effect on us.

    But I disagree with the vapourware comments. I believe it is very much a reality.

    Seven is already hiring software engineers, and Engin is gearing up to providing triple play services.

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