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Thread: Mines bigger than yours - a new twist on an old theme

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    Mines bigger than yours - a new twist on an old theme

    Got this in a email from Tivo today:
    Quote Originally Posted by Tivo
    Please Dad with a TiVo® box for as low as $129*!

    From golf games to 24, home improvement shows to anime cartoons, a TiVo® DVR with the easy-to-use TiVo® service will get dad all the entertainment he wants, even if he's swinging a club elsewhere. So make it a Father's Day he'll never forget and give him a TiVo box that will never forget to record his favorite shows. (And maybe yours, too, if you ask nicely.)

    Buy a TiVo® DVR, starting as low as $129!* Then activate the amazing TiVo® service for just $12.95 a month or $299 for product lifetime. Remember: Love for a father cannot be measured in words, but rather in the number of recording hours offered by the TiVo box you give him for Father's Day. Offer expires 6/30/04!
    I can see it all now - folks in the US standing around the B-B-Q bragging to each other about the size of their Tivos hard disk...

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    Im in the process of installing 2 x 300gb into my SVR2000, proving a bit difficult with the new oztivo image... I'll have to backup and resotre from my 2 x 160gb original 3.0 image, tivo to keep the partition sizes in check.
    Tried using pdisk and manually creating them, but hasn't worked so far..

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    Dude... that's gonna be a ****load of TV.. How will you ever watch it all?

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