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    That's a nice bit of hardware. Great job!

    I'll link this thread from my website as the source of information for the PAL tuner with NICAM decoding solution discussion area.

    I am assuming that the hook up will be very similar to the old "Mark 1" Australian stereo decoder and if some pictures and info can be sent to me I'll happily update the how-to to incorporate the changes, or I'm happy for someone to use the current how-to and re-write it.

    As for myself I unfortunately can't be in a position of active participation due to Australia not using NICAM so someone in NZ will have to take on the role of answering technical questions.

    While I realise this decoder and a different PIC chip can program it for use in Australia I have enough stock of 3410D Micronas chips to last out the remainder of any future conversions that come my way. Although if Catdog wants to develop an Australian version (or a universal version that can do many standards) then go for your life mate

    Once again, great work. Well done
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