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First off, please don't shoot me - I am an entheusiastic newbie with the glimmer of an idea.

The tivo 'nag' is an annoyance that is managed, I understand, by loading a fake slice with years worth of dummy schedule data. This effectively tricks the tivo into thinking that the whole schedule is under control even if the latest *real* slice only has a few days of data in it.

I see the logic, and have a couple of questions:

Does this mean that there is now a fake channel loaded into the Tivo that shows up when you want to see what is on live TV? If it does, I would think that is a bit annoying.

As an alternative idea, is it possible to artificially fill up the real slices with a few extra weeks of dummy data every time they are posted? That way the Tivo always gets what it needs and you don't have any extra channels that you don't need.

I don't think it needs to be a valid channel (you can see) or anything just a valid program entry for a valid day.

I have a slice file that has 1 program in it for some US TV channel my Tivo has never had in it with a Day of 15000 (Day 15000 = Jan 11 2011). Thats all it needs to shut it up about no guide data.

Why pick day 15000? well its a nice round number and I hope like hell there something better available than 10 year old Tivo techology by 2011!!

Of course your Tivo also gets upset if it hasn't "phoned home" for 30 days or more (even with good guide data in it) so there is a second hack need to fix that part up too.

Most of us have a shell script that resets the "last date called home" entry in the database and thats enough to shut the Tivo up in most cases.

If your Tivo does call the emulator to download guide data, that gets reset each call so you never need the second hack.