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Thread: Newly build TiVo not giving lead in/out time

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    Newly build TiVo not giving lead in/out time

    I just built my TiVo with the latest NZ image and when it records it starts and ends on time. This tends to cut the end off most programs. Usually you get 5mins lead in and 10 lead out time if there is nothing before or after the program. Any idea what may be causing this?

    Edit: I ran endpadplus and got:

    [TiVo [p0] ~]# endpadplus.tcl
    A stale PID file was found and has been deleted.
    This means that this script terminated unexpectedly last time. Loading now.
    The errors logged (if any) before the last termination were:
    EndPadPlus 1.1.2
    Usage: /var/hack/endpadplus.tcl s e [-seq] [-noverbose] [-auto]
       s     start padding in minutes
       e     end padding in minutes
     -seq        suggestion equalization
                   (i.e. padding a suggestion will not delete another suggestion)
     -noverbose  less detail in logs
     -auto       silent start (use when starting from a script)
    After a reboot I get endpadplus is already running. I'll keep an eye on it to see if it breaks again.
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