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Thread: Trouble restoring image

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    Trouble restoring image

    Hi all,

    Well first of all let me re introduce myself. I got some advice on this board last spring (northern hemisphere). Due to the summer and lack of time I scrapped the TiVo until now.

    I had a look this weekend and made a new image from the latest iso. I have a suspicion that its not working probably cause I get loads of pauses, errors and so on. It does finish in a few hours but once finished Im not able to do anything in the Network sections, it just gives me errors of stuff missing.

    I found this in the guide:
    Sometimes during the hard drive imaging process you may notice the progress pause for quite some time. It will do this again during the cleanup phase after the image. If you find the tivo does not boot with the freshly imaged hard drive it could be the computer you made the image from that is the problem. Try performing the image on an older machine and you may find it successful. This was a problem a few people have encountered and using an older machine seemed to fix this.
    Im pretty sure this is what Im experiencing, so my question is, what is the definition of an old mobo and does there exist a list of compatible / incompatible mobos, or best is there a way around this ?

    My Old PC, the one Im using to restore the ISO, has an AMD Duron 1300MhZ.

    Like I said, any help is greatly appreciated, I would really like to jumpstart this project again.


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    Solved... bought a new HD and it worked right away, had it up and running in about 10 minutes...

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