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Thread: tv screen freezing

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    tv screen freezing


    i have a problem that everyso often i turn my tele on to find out that sky has frozen on a particular screen. i generally solve this by unplugging both my sky decoder and the tivo and turning them on again.

    is this a problem with my sky decoder or is it a problem with my tivo.

    also every so often when i try and get the tivo to reocrd something and go away i come back to find it hasnt changed the channel properly and hence recorded wrong. what do i do?

    please help


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    Well, to narrow it down instead of turning off both devices just try one at a time.

    I would suggest turning the sky STB off and then back on again first. the picture should change from the frozen one to a TiVo warning screen that there is no signal and then back to live sky once the box is back on again.

    If doing the above does not change the frozen picture then it is the TiVo that has frozen.

    TiVo's do occasionally freeze, just like any other computer. When this occurs it normally will not send out channel change signals and also will not respond to the remote.

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    I had this problem for the first time ever on Thursday night. The Tivo was up late recording the footy show and when I turned the TV on on Friday night it had a frozen picture of the Footy Show from the night before.

    I rebooted the Tivo and still the picture was frozen. When I changed channels the Tivo would try to change channel as per normal but the picture would stay the same. I rebooted the SKY decoder and got the warning from Tivo that there was no video signal. When the SKY decoder came back on everything was good as gold.

    Thus I think it is the SKY decoder that is the problem and not the Tivo.

    Hope that's of some help.

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    It will be the Sky Decoder. If Sky make any changes this can cause the programme on air to 'freeze' on some STB's. Others just drop to black.

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