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    Thumbs up Thanks!

    To all the TiVo stalwarts, you know who you are, that keep my TiVo's humming away with program data, image updates and advice. I don't get involved much with the forums as I have more to learn than I have to teach but your work is appreciated by this family. TV is crap without TiVo

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    Ditto! Tivo is fantastic and the hard work from all involved is much appreciated.

    I tell everyone about my Tivo and have demoed it to many friends.

    Keep up the good work and if there's ever any non-technical work (ie. not programming ) then please post here, I'd be more than happy to help out and give back to the Tivo community.

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    Yep - me too

    Totally agree .. thanks to everyone for their hard work! I'd be lost without the help!


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