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    As an otherwise satisfied TiVo user, I must warn other users to be extremely cautious before responding to ‘Special Offers’ from TiVo Australia.
    In August 2010 I received an e-mail offering a great deal on ‘Expanding my TiVo family’. A second TiVo was offered at a discount of $100, and TiVo stated they would ‘throw in’ a Bonus Wireless Adapter and a Home Networking Package with a combined value of $168.
    When responding, I followed TiVo’s order instructions precisely, ...
  2. Lightning strike?

    Well, woke up in the morning and the TiVo wasn't working.

    Further investigation (using the channel signal strength monitor in the TiVo menu) revealed that there was no digital signal coming in, and I could pinpiont the time rather well by tracking which suggestions had been recorded at what time. Had our TiVo died?

    Analogue channels on the TV were working, apart from Prime which was missing. A visual check on the roof showed the ariels (VHF and UHF) looked fine, ...