View Full Version : TiVo components for Wellingtonians

22-02-2006, 07:47 PM

It occurred to me that some of you may be interested. I haven't posted this in the Trading forums as I'm not selling anything, but:

I'm buying some bits and bobs from George in California. If anyone wants to get anything sent over also, I'll try to arrange for bundling of the shipment so it comes in one package rather than individual items. ie. $SAVINGS$

I'm currently waiting for a Sony TiVo to arrive at his place from elsewhere for bench testing and onward shipping so there's a little time. When it does he's packing it all together and I'm electing for the expensive, quick but _insured_ and tracked shipping option.

A little premature perhaps as I haven't cleared this with him, so it is conditional on him being happy with the arrangement although I don't anticipate any issues. He's been most helpful as always and I've been buying up from him.

I don't really want to share shipping with another TiVo box on top of mine as it will push the price over $400 NZ and incur GST charges from customs...

I'd rather only deal with Wellington folk (there seem to be plenty of you!) so that delivery for me would only mean driving/walking across town (eg. during a lunch break to a workplace or ... Tulsi curry on Friday is always good!) rather than organising further onwards shipping at further expense and hassle. (I'm happy to fly if paid in AVGAS!)

Seriously, I'm not looking to profit from this (beer's fine!) - it really is just a community minded suggestion. Let me know if interested, I'll check it out with George and make arrangements.