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10-02-2006, 07:45 PM
As @ Feb 2006 :-

02112 - New Zealand Free to Air (Cable)
02113 - Sky Digital (Cable)
02114 - Reserverd Ed / Sky Digital (Satellite)
02115 - Saturn Analoge (Cable)
02116 - Saturn Digital (Cable)

25-11-2006, 01:10 PM
As @ March 2008

02110 NZ Freeview DVB (Satellite; [Cable location] Use for standalone cable box)
02111 NZ Freeview DTT (Terrestrial; [Antenna location] Use for DVB-T receiver like dse/zinwell with 2nd input as satellite slice etc)

02112 Combined NZ FTA (Recommended FTA, Supported by 3.0 images - UK 2.5 recognises first [AK] only see 012x series below)

AK - Auckland FTA
DN - Dunedin FTA
CH - Christchurch FTA
WL - Wellington FTA
HM - Hamilton FTA
NL - Nelson FTA
WK - Waikanae FTA (Kapiti/Horowhenua)
TA - Tauranga FTA02113 NZ Sky Satellite
02114 Dual Source Satellite (Sky Sat/FV Freeview/Optus D1/AV Input)
02115 NZ Saturn Analogue
02116 NZ Saturn Digital
02117 NZ Optus D1 FTA DVB (Testing EdHintz - Optus FTA Channels)
02118 IGLOO (Previously Sky UHF)
02119 Testing

FTA only headends - primarily to support the older UK 2.5 thomson images

02120 NZ VCR Sequential FTA (Channels by numbers for VCR users 1-9)
02121 AK Auckland FTA
02122 DN Dunedin FTA
02123 CH Christchurch FTA
02124 WL Wellington FTA
02125 HM Hamilton FTA
02126 NL Nelson FTA
02127 WK Waikanae FTA (Kapiti/Horowhenua)
02128 TA Tauranga FTANote: These FTA headends can be combined with STB satellite feeds. Simply
select dual input source the 'Aerial + Digital Satellite' option on UK units.

More can be added on request... simply post details of the channels and frequencies.