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01-05-2004, 11:18 AM
Hey all
I have so much trouble trying to get tivo to get slices over internet i am trying to do it manually
I have tried this from a howto I found
ftp'd them to tivo /var/hack/guide
then loaded the slices
cd /var/hack/guide;
tivosh /var/hack/bin/dbload30.tcl output.PayTV.Aust.slice
tivosh /var/hack/bin/dbload30.tcl output.Melb.FTA.slice
cd /hack/bin
tivosh fixup30.tcl
tivosh force_index30.tcl
touch /var/timestamp
but am having no success with it..I found another howto that said this
FTP the files in binary mode to the Tivo.
- Run these commands on the Tivo:

dbload30.tcl output.PayTV.Aust.slice
dbload30.tcl output.Syd.FTA.slice
touch /var/timestamp
Is there any difference with what they are both doing?
[I am altering the output slice commands to suit the slice that I have]
I havent tried the second method yet but one thing I have noticed is in my bin folder it has dbload2.5.tcl
I have the latest 3.0 version1 image

thanks splitpin

01-05-2004, 08:26 PM
This is a fairly technical question that goes to the heart of the way we have set up TiVo in Australia. Because of that I think you will be much better off asking your question on the mailing list where the people who modified the software live.