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01-07-2005, 12:30 PM

I want to record Live 8 since it's goes for around 10hours. It starts 9:30pm and finishes sunday at like 10:30am. How come my tivo say's it's only 30mins and why does it show the wrong time for Fox8?

This is getting a little annoying. My GF watchs the View the other Saturday when she tivoed the view (saturdat is like a recap of the week several ep's) it only recorded one episode?

Im not really fussed about The View. But I deffinatly want soem clarification with Live 8.

I dont mean to be hostile and I appreciate your work but what's going on with the TiVo guide? :eek:

Darren King
01-07-2005, 12:40 PM

The guide data is a mix of volunteers entering in the data and a pre-emptive mechanism if there is no vaild entries for that slot.

In the short term may I suggest you schedule a manual recording for the duration (plus probably 15 minutes before and a couple of hours after the 11 hours or whatever it is just in case of overrun).

In the long term, as mentioned the guide data is a combined effort. You can help contribute to the pool by going to www.oztivo.com and signing up to help.