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13-05-2005, 07:34 PM
Hi all,

I've finally got my TiVo, a Terbonet and I'm trying to get the guided setup to run but for some reason it just won't accept any input from the remote.

The background:

- SVR2000 unit
- Sony remote
- Latest OzTiVo image on HDD

- selectremote.tcl has been run and set for Sony only
- Running '/sbin/irtest -t /dev/ttyS0 -d' it passes loopback test
- Running '/sbin/irtest -t /dev/ttyS0 -l > capture' shows that the remote is transmitting and the TiVo is receiving the IR signals

- The output of the capture for 1 press of the Select button is;
Microcode version 00034.
47.0000.1 10.0048.0 11.0059.1 10.0071.0 23.0082.1 10.0106.0 22.0117.1 10.0140.0 23.0151.1 10.0175.0 22.0186.1 10.0209.0 11.0220.1 10.0232.0 23.0243.1 10.0267.0 11.0278.1 10.0290.0 19.0301.1 125.0321.0

At this stage I'm completely stumped as to what is wrong. The TiVo sits there stubbornly ignoring any button presses and just keeps taunting me with the promise that Guided Setup will only take 35 minutes of my time (I wish!!)

Can anyone shine some light on this?

Thanks for any thoughts or input,

13-05-2005, 09:27 PM
Well I found the SendKey app and I guess I'll push through the Guided Setup and see how I go once it's all setup. Fingers crossed it works once I'm through but I doubt it so any ongoing thoughts re the issue would be appreciated.

Thanks again,

14-05-2005, 07:05 AM
Hi Andrew,

Sorry - no resolution here - you've got me stumped. Your irtest-ing (very good thinking BTW) would seem to confirm that the remote's sending and the TiVo's receiving hardware is OK.

That leaves:

1. That the selectremote.tcl script isn't working.

2. That your remote is faulty (ie. sending the wrong codes).

If you could borrow another Sony, or even a Philips remote from someone...

FYI you could use TiVoWeb "Web Remote" module in the interim. I realise you don't have a Philips remote (to know which key is which) but as you hover over each key the browser will show you what is to be sent.

Cheers, Dave.